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If you can tell by now, I’m including titles in my blog posts. That’s in addition to the date. I figure all my other blog posts elsewheres are the same. I might as well get with the times. I just posted my first total solo episode (editing and producing) of The Stack. Although I didn’t film or direct it, I was marginally happy with the way it turned out. The cameras being used to film weren’t really up to our specs, so I had to do a lot of fix-it work in post production to get the video ready for distribution. Right now I’m working on our Hellboy 2 interview. It will go live on Tuesday the 27th, so check it out on our website or here on my blog!

Justin sits down with Neil Gaiman at NYCC to talk about his new Neverwhere and Coraline films due out soon. Then Neil talks about what Sandman means to him today and what comic book projects he’s currently working on. Don’t miss this special New York Comic Con edition of The Stack!

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