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In lieu of back posting my way through the months of October and November I’ve elected to skip over them in video game fashion. Don’t you remember when you learned about the Super Mario Brothers cheat that allowed you to skip to the final boss while only completing a fraction of the levels? I’m sure the programmers were happy that all those levels in between were deemed throwaways. What’s a thousand man hours anyway?

Just to recap the last couple of months:

October highlights: The major highlight of October was the Threadbanger Handcrafted Halloween party downtown (NYC). We all had a blast and some lucky winners even won some prizes. Plus we had Indy Mogul Steve and a great metal band play.

Lowlights: The killing of the original Burlesque party the Threadbanger wanted to throw. KIA by the powers that be.

November Highlights: Cousin Wendy’s Bat Mitzvah’s and Turkey Day of course. I’ve got the whole thing chronicled on flickr.

December: At a glance, classes will end this week (for one) and next week for the other. I’m currently on track to finish all my work for the end of the first class, so I’m free of one class after Thursday (this is me cheering).

After next week it’ll be smooth sailing and regular every-day work till Christmas. I’m not making an special gift plans as I’ve already gifted myself a ton of toys this year.


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Lindsey, Rob, and Corinne have been clawing their eyes out with Erin to get the biggest most epic Halloween party together for Threadbanger (Rob and Corinne’s show). If you’re in the greater NYC area the week of Halloween be sure to come by the party. It’s open to the public. Make sure to say hi to me. I’ll be the one with the camera.

Here’s the news release courtesy of Erin:

Mark your calendars for the ThreadBanger event of the year – the
ThreadBanger Handcrafted Halloween Costume Party!!

When: Thursday, October 30 at 8pm
Where: Mercury Lounge, 217 E. Houston Street, NYC
RSVP: threadbangerparty@gmail.com

Pick up some flyers at the end of the week and tell your friends!
**Please let us know if you can volunteer – we’re looking for help
with the zombie cloak room, fashion show and costume contest sign-ups,
t-shirt sales, and video/picture making, organic baking and of course,
promotion! Contact Lindsey Chen – party organizer extraordinaire 🙂

Event Sponsors include: Tumblr, Amercian Sewing Expo, Etsy and Disqus
Goodie Bag Sponsors include: American Sewing Expo, Nature’s Shea
Butter, CraftStylish, Instructables, Dritz, PONO and Pink Quartz

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Loud crashes shook everyone from their desks this morning. Well, louder than normal. There’s always some construction going on down on the street, but today pieces of our building actually fell off and tumbled to the street below. Thankfully there was some scaffolding to catch most of the masonry that fell, but I think there was a cab that got totalled by a few bricks.

Then there was our company cruise around the island. I’m not sure what our actual route was, but we all had a good time. Some of course had a much much better time than others (it was open bar). A lot of people brought their family members or girl/boyfriends, so it got pretty crowded. The crowds thinned out once the girls started dancing to the DJ music, most of the guys restrained themselves from acting the fool, but a few were lost to the shame that is the electric slide. Just another reason why I don’t dance.

Up next is a Halloween party for Robyn and Corinne of Threadbanger. This will be a land-based treat party, and should go a long way in getting their brand name out in the public eye.

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Lindsey had been sending out emails for a while beckoning people to the large conference room with the promise of free pizza and funny videos. Naturally this being my first day of fall classes I wasn’t going to be there to enjoy the fun. When a schedule change put me in the office early though, I was greeted by an empty and very smoky room. Either there was a fire and everyone had evacuated to the large conference room, or it was Threadbanger pizza day and I forgot.

I managed to grab a slice and check out a few videos (as well as grab a picture or two and some video of the fun) before heading off to my first day of class. This semester puts me in Columbia Film School. I’ve got a pretty manageable schedule that puts me on campus a day and a half a week between two classes. Since work is taking off like a rocket ship I wanted to maximize my billable hours during the week without making school too difficult.

Up first it was American Independent Cinema. We’ll be screening and discussing a lot of films. More on that later. Our professor is on loan from UCLA, which he claims is a very theoretically oriented film program. Semiotics and psychoanalytics…

Second was The Documentary Tradition. We’re also borrowing a professor for this class (from NYU). She just happens to bear an uncanny resemblance to one of our co-workers at Next New Networks. Most of the work we’ll be looking at is from all over the 20th century. American Indy class covers only the late 1970s to present day.

See you at the movies!

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It was Cupcake day in the office today. We celebrated Steve’s birthday as well as a farewell for the interns downstairs in the Frederator Studios. Don’t ask me where Mary got the cupcakes from, but they looked expensive…and delicious. It was good eating all day long. Scott from my team claimed he still owed me a lunch from the previous day’s shoot, but since I had to run to class I was on my own.

He quickly handed me all the cash in his pocket ($10 in 1s), and proceded to leave a Scott-shaped hole in the front door. Something about being late to a lunch meeting with Vanessa from Indy Mogul and Threadbanger. I of course was not one to pass up the offer of a free (so to speak) meal. On a recommendation I checked out Chef 24 for some heavy Chinese take-out. Hey Friday’s are for celebrating. I made it back to the office just in time for mass distribution of the custom-made cupcackes. Very delicious.

Pics: Happy birthday Steve and we’ll miss you interns.

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