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Jordan White came back to the couches of Comic Book Club this week to talk about life as a Marvel Assistant Editor. He’s currently working on a ton of titles including my personal marvel favorite Skaar: Son of Hulk. He really had a lot to say about his new project The Age of The Sentry, and even brought poster art signed by the artists working on the title.

I actually ended up winning the poster, I’ll be sure to post pics soon. It’ll be the first decoration in my new apartment. Thanks Jordan!


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This week’s Comic Book Club featured Jon B. Cooke and Andrew Cooke. Two brothers who made the documentary film Will Eisner: Portrait of A Sequential Artist. The film is basically about Will Eisner and his life as a comic book artist.

Since Alex was still twittering his way across France on his Honeymoon with Booth Babe (now known as Mrs. Booth Babe), hosting duties fell to Justin. The energy was a little different without Alex, but Pete was more than up to the task of providing a springboard for debate with the Cookes.

I also threw the pictures up on my Pulp Secret Flickr page. You can navigate there by clicking on the flickr widget on the side bar of the blog here (to the right).


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Here’s another cool episode I did (and shot/directed). Did you know that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles started as a graphic novel. I didn’t.


Heavy Metal And Ninja Turtles with Kevin Eastman

In this special episode of The Stack Pete talks with his hero Kevin Eastman. Eastman talks about his experiences creating Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the recent movie, and how it’s helped him at Heavy Metal Magazine. Be sure to check it out!

You can catch more of Pete at Comic Book Club, thanks for watching.

Let us know what you think. You can comment below or email us at tips@pulpsecret.com

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Lot’s of buzz around here about The Stack’s impending hiatus. I actually found out from Justin one of our hosts. The guys will continue to do the show on their own, they just won’t be doing it for Pulp Secret or Next New Networks for the forseeable future. There are good chances as with many good performers that the guys will return to NNN broadcasting in a different show format, but it will be months before anything gets done (if ever). It’s been a lot of fun working with them on the show, but there’s still Comic Book Club Live! at the PIT (People’s Improv Theater) and their Youtube Channel.

In the meantime I’ll still be spinning out our SDCC footage on a regular basis to fill the void.

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Yep the day finally came when we’d have to pack our shit up and go back to work (real work). Sunday was still really busy. Pete actually got his second wind in, and while Alex and Justin were off doing something else we got an extra 4 interviews in the space of and hour. To be fair we were all delirious.

Ask Alex his Colleen Coover “Small Favors” story. Hilarious. And caught on film by me. Which will also hit my Youtube page eventually.

We spoke to Sanford Greene the artist behind the Method Man comic book that did gangbusters traffic on our Pulp Secret Youtube page. I didn’t know rapper-originated comic books were so sought after. I guess even the gangsters need sequential art.

I have to fly back, so look for our interviews in the coming weeks. I’ll be the one editing the hours and hours of footage. So no complaints if it takes a while to air.

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Today is officially Stargate day, well at least in my book. The booth is giving away free DVDs of the latest DVD release of Stargate Continuum. The booth babes look like some kind of Samantha Carter wet dream come true. Too bad I didn’t have time to check out the three (count ’em) three stargate panels. Continuum, Worlds MMO, and Atlantis respectively. I did pick up some Stargate Worlds dog tags at the booth though. I hope the game is good. Looks like it won’t be out for awhile though.

We interviewed a ton of people today (just like yesterday and probably tomorrow). I’ll save interview notes for each person for later blog posts. Tonight Newsarama won another Eisner Award for news reporting, so they’re buying drinks for everyone. Gotta run.

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Since there’s so much happening so fast I tried to include some pics throughout the day. Here’s the rundown (of the pics):

1. Greatest America Hero Panel – Moderated by us (not me, I filmed it), but moderated by The Stack guys Alex, Justin, and Pete
2. The Greatest American Interviews – after the panel. Turns out William Katt is a huge fan of our show!
3. Tony Lee (I messed his name up on our flickr account and he rebuked me (sorry, he’s awesome and a guest of Comic Book Club).
4. The walk from the hotel to the convention center along the bay.
5. Walking through the Green Lantern district to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund charity and after party.
6-8. At the party (on the Plaza roof).

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