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I finally pulled the Graveyard Book out of the smoldering remains of my backpack. It’ll have to wait on my “to read” list until I finish my newest book club selections. October’s selections include:

In the Fantasy category:
Acacia by David Anthony Durham

In the Sci-Fi category:

The Traveler by John Twelve Hawks

Interesting facts about the author:

Both John Twelve Hawks and his American publisher state that he has never met his editor and that he communicates using the Internet and an untraceable satellite phone, usually employing a voice scrambler. No photograph of Twelve Hawks has ever appeared and all biographical information about his background is based on four sources:

-a 2005 article in USA Today
-a 2005 interview by Rob Bedford in SFF World
-a 2006 interview published in Germany in Der Spiegel
-a portion of a 2007 Daily Telegraph article about popular writers

Twelve Hawks’ initial biography on the Random House website was only one line: “John Twelve Hawks lives off the grid.” At some point in 2007, that line disappeared and was replaced with “John Twelve Hawks is the author of the New York Times bestseller, The Traveler.


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So recently Neil Gaiman stopped by Columbia (at Teacher’s College) for a reading of his new novel The Graveyard Book. Needless to say I was excited. Not only is his other work collectively awesome, I also got to hear him read from an unfinished Graveyard book back at New York Comic Con (Early ’08). At the first reading I had just purchased my DSLR camera, but was sadly without a good video camera. Returning to the present, I have since acquired a fairly respectable prosumer camcorder (more high end consumer than prosumer). And I have experience in the world of field reporting at press events.

Now this evening with Neil wasn’t exactly a press event, but being press does allow you access to good vantage points. Anticipating a large crowd and crappy seating I arrived early. I was informed that press credentials would be required, so I presented an old copy of a business card Scott made for me before NYCC. I think the card lists me as a PA. Even though I’m a paid editor and have been an assistant producer and director for some of our shows it doesn’t really matter what the card says. It’s currently the only evidence short of a phone call, that I have any official press authority.

On to the event:

Being a good fiction writer naturally lends itself to creative speech writing. Since Neil is such a popular author he speaks around the world frequently. I think he actually just did a guest lecture series at a college in California. Listening to him speak is anything but boring. Little do you know he’s actually pretty good with comedy too.

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I just found my Neil Gaiman Episode of The Stack on his website today. Not too shabby for my very first project as editor/producer. Special Thanks go out to Scott M. for helping fix the aspect ratio during post and to Neil Gaiman for giving his wink and nod to my first (of many) projects. Thanks everybody.

Here’s a link to the episode on Neil’s Blog.

If you didn’t see it on my blog a few days ago, here it is again!

Everybody who worked on this episode congratulate themselves, that’s pretty cool!

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