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Since Wednesday is probably going to have me pulling my hair out while trying to finish every possible assignment I’ll post early. Here’s a cool video I saw a long time ago on Digg, then preceded to forget about. Now It’s on Youtube.

Here it is, give yourself a pat on the back if you can successfully follow the video and explain it in detail to someone else.

Imagining the 10th Dimension:


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My review of the movie Jumper:

I’ll keep it short. I enjoyed the idea and the action. The story was pretty good, and I didn’t fault it too much for things it left out. The producers were clearly trying to start a franchise. So I didn’t feel strange when characters who seemed to be very important didn’t get any screen time or background explanation (the way they would in a normal movie).

I would have enjoyed the experience even more had the two jerks in baggy pants and backwards hats not sat down next to me during the last 30 minutes of the movie. Honestly who comes to a movie during the last 30 minutes. Seriously, don’t be that guy.

Before I saw the movie I had only seen the promos that everyone gets to see before they watch some other movie. I was intrigued by the prospect of speculative fiction revolving around teleportation (actually folding space). Here’s a few examples of people folding space in modern day entertainment:

Nightcrawler – An X-Men I got to know throught the TV cartoon series in the 90s. He can teleport short distances (up to a mile). He can also take anyone who’s touching him along for the ride.

Kitty Pride – Another much more powerful X-Man. She is their most powerful teleporter, she can open portals to transport small groups of people across the planet (and maybe further).

Hiro – From Heroes. He can actually bend space/time. Don’t ask me to prove it, but I believe that the explanation and nature of his powers is a little more logical than the X-Men teleporters. By folding space, you’re actually folding through dimensions (see “String-theory” for a really long explanation of folding two points through two dimensions). If you can fold through dimensions, then why can’t you fold through the 4th dimension (string theory again), which incorporates time (not just length, width, and depth like the 3rd dimension).

That’s enough advanced physics for today. Is your head spinning yet?

I made the unusual request of my parents to grab a few pictures of our now 2 family dogs. One is actually mine, but since he’s been staying with my parents and our other family dog, he’s really been integrated into the nuclear unit of Mom, Dad, and Dogs (with my sister’s departure this past year, they’re kid-less). I’m getting my desktop PC back tomorrow and I have all of my pictures/home videos on it, so that should tide me over till I get some new puppy material from Missouri. Have a great week everybody!

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