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In lieu of back posting my way through the months of October and November I’ve elected to skip over them in video game fashion. Don’t you remember when you learned about the Super Mario Brothers cheat that allowed you to skip to the final boss while only completing a fraction of the levels? I’m sure the programmers were happy that all those levels in between were deemed throwaways. What’s a thousand man hours anyway?

Just to recap the last couple of months:

October highlights: The major highlight of October was the Threadbanger Handcrafted Halloween party downtown (NYC). We all had a blast and some lucky winners even won some prizes. Plus we had Indy Mogul Steve and a great metal band play.

Lowlights: The killing of the original Burlesque party the Threadbanger wanted to throw. KIA by the powers that be.

November Highlights: Cousin Wendy’s Bat Mitzvah’s and Turkey Day of course. I’ve got the whole thing chronicled on flickr.

December: At a glance, classes will end this week (for one) and next week for the other. I’m currently on track to finish all my work for the end of the first class, so I’m free of one class after Thursday (this is me cheering).

After next week it’ll be smooth sailing and regular every-day work till Christmas. I’m not making an special gift plans as I’ve already gifted myself a ton of toys this year.


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Lots of Barely Political videos going on now that the election is looming. I’ll be sure to post pictures as the videos are released. Here’s some of the latest.

Repuglican Convention

Pics: Steve plays with Ramon’s Super 8 vintage camcorder.

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Erik and the Indy Mogul guys were prepping for the big BFX season finale this morning when I got in. Remember the robot? He was actually from an episode way back when, last year. I think the episode will be a two-parter, and will give the guys some much needed time off. I think Erik has plans to flee south of the border.

Congrats to the guys for a great season.

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The other day the guys from Indy Mogul said they’d be doing one of the iconic VFX from the Indiana Jones mythos. An effect I like to call, “Mr. Melty Face Man”. You all remember the scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Where the Nazis all peer into the Ark of the Covenant and get their comeuppance. Apparently talking to God makes your eyes melt in their sockets. Better stick to the confessionals and use an intermediary.

I got the chance to see the Indy Mogul guys (Erik, Steve, Jared, and Vanessa) all do this effect in real time. I won’t spoil any of the how’s or technical details. You’ll have to watch the episode for that.

The movie Dogma also touched on this phenomena. Alan Rickman played the angel who spoke for God (Alanis Morrisette). Because according to Dogma, if you heard God’s true voice your heart would burst in your chest and your brain would melt in your skull. Nice. Nice and melty.

Here’s the Mr. Melty Face Man episode of Indy Mogul:

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