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Lot’s of great things going on in the office this week. Video videos videos everywhere. I can’t say much about them, but make sure to check our websites often in the next few weeks to catch them all. We’ve been doing a little Indiana Jones at Indy Mogul, a whole lot of big Summer events at Pulpsecret, and a whole lot of funny videos at Barely Political. Special head nods to Tom, Rusty, and Ben for putting together the “Stimulus Package” episode that was recently released. I just got word that it hit Yahoo’s frontpage and will probably go on to set another record for total views on youtube.

One of my recent missions at Pulpsecret has been to track down movie studio PR departments to coordinate publicity with all of us at Pulpsecret. The “Next”work has great working relationships with Paramount and Lionsgate already, which is great because Paramount in particular has a large number of Summer blockbusters being released soon.

Pics: Scott helps Andres with his “boob job”, Alan has some fun behind the camera, and the guys joke it up for the Friday show.

To get you started on the weekend here’s today’s Episode of The Stack, enjoy:


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I just found my Neil Gaiman Episode of The Stack on his website today. Not too shabby for my very first project as editor/producer. Special Thanks go out to Scott M. for helping fix the aspect ratio during post and to Neil Gaiman for giving his wink and nod to my first (of many) projects. Thanks everybody.

Here’s a link to the episode on Neil’s Blog.

If you didn’t see it on my blog a few days ago, here it is again!

Everybody who worked on this episode congratulate themselves, that’s pretty cool!

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Rumormill has it that Battlestar Galactica will be doing some made for TV movies. I’m kind of stuck on the series and looking forward to the prospect of more DVDs. The idea is that while the cast/crew are still around why not shoot more footage (with a good story of course). The movies wouldn’t affect the continuity of the show proper of course. Just like BSG Razor last fall.

Another show I really love did the same thing after their initial TV run ended, Stargate SG1. They stopped airing new episodes after the completion of season 10. It was the longest running science fiction television show in history (Star Trek runs 7 season at most). The second SG1 movie Stargate Continuum will be airing in late July (July 29th to be precise). I think it’s timed to coincide with San Diego Comic Con. Good Times.

Now that school is over I really need to lose my books. I forgot that I could sell them back to the bookstore. Would you believe that the Columbia bookstore is a Barnes and Noble? I was surprised. Although in retrospect there is two Starbucks on every block here on the west side (NYC) so it really shouldn’t have surprised me.

I checked out one of the many graduation celebrations on campus. Columbia College campus is now known only as “tent-city”.

Gotta run, one more final to go and a ton of episodes to edit. Next on the list is our interview with the creator of the GI Joe Real American Hero comic book.

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Final week of school. No class today, I finished my Monday class last week. I did get word from Columbia that my grade had been submitted. (A-) woot. I must have gotten an A+ on my final and on my giant-sized project. I shouldn’t have had enough points to make it past an 89%, but professors always have a percent or two latitude in assigning final grades if they think you deserve it. I’ll say it again. Woot.

Now there’s just corporate finance to finish on Thursday. Then it’s over (for a little while). I miss summer break. When it was a real “break”.

This week in the office its more editing and publishing episodes using footage we captured at NYCC. There’s enough to keep us busy with weekly video rollouts till it gets closer to San Diego Comic Con. I’m not sure, but if no one else from the office ends up going I’ll be playing camera man, director, and interviewer all in one. We have really good digital hand-held cameras, so it shouldn’t be too bad if I have to do it all myself. Plus, with all the Newsarama people that will likely be going I should be able to join forces and help them out. At NYCC we had a great time doing it and I think our material ended up being that much better for it.

I’ve been playing with alternative methods for distributing photos to our Pulpsecret website. Here’s the latest gadet. Enjoy the slideshow:

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It was a lean day in the office today, Friday’s tend to be that way. A large number of sick days seem to land on Fridays. We really only have a few people who work on Pulpsecret and The Stack (in the office). Usually it’s just me, Scott, and one of the editors (usually Mike). Today Scott was out moving across town, so that left Mike and I to roll out an episode(s), there are a few depending on who we distribute new episodes to.

Mike has been working with us for a lot longer than I have, so he was able to answer most questions and get all the episodes ready for me to post around on the websites of our many partners in crime. Tubemogul, blip.tv, and Newsarama are the main ones that get our episodes, Tubemogul is actually a distribution service that sends our stuff to four or five other websites of ours including Youtube, and many other sites.

I was able to get everything out without too much trouble and get down to Union Square to catch Iron Man with my brother by 4PM. I have to say being that this is New York I had no idea how busy the theater would be, but we got in without any trouble. Apparently going to the movies before everyone gets out of work is a good idea. I’ll save my review of the movie for a later post, but it was great. Too bad Lindsey didn’t want to come. Andrew had some good jokes about that (no comments).

I made it back to campus in time to meet with my Marketing group. We’re down to our last class and our last project. Almost there…I’ve still got an exam in about two weeks in another class, but it’s open book. So if I can get the right notes together I’ll do just fine.

Things are finally starting to slow down to normal again.

Pics: Group project in the library.

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This is from my insert your own caption post on the Pulpsecret blog. Let’s see what people came up with:

Charlie Schneider wrote
I’ll get things started:

Pete to Justin: I’ll teach you to mess with my machine!

Alex: They’re like this sometimes…smoke if you got ’em.

Short and Fat wrote on
Alex’s flirtation with another man leads to violence.

Stefan Hayden wrote
Alex’s crazy eyes SnowCrash Justin and Pete

deadenderic wrote
Their insanity triggered by the consistent exposure to green screen technology, the men of the Stack go into unstoppable berserker rages.

cubsmodano wrote
Tonight, on “Dancing with the Internet Stars”

ElijahKS wrote
Thankfully, the rampant fears that comic books lead to brutality and death, fears held by many PTA members and watchdog groups, were put to rest this Thursday, when an impromptu act of violence, caused by a disagreement over a comic book, served to show only that the variety of violence portrayed in said comic books is absolutely ineffective as any sort of way to actually injure a human being. There were no non-dignity-related casualties.

?resurrect?szasz? wrote

Justin: STARMAN!

Alex: I don’t know what they’re arguing about, Cypher would kick both their asses.

Teegar wrote
The Stack reviews Hulk #3. Pete sees red as green eyed Justin called it stupid. Alex, the guy in the grey jumper, feels stupid for liking it. And so he should…

Weker1 wrote
Comming Next week, The Stack Memorial Edition, With your host Alex…

Bombardem wrote
Here’s mine

Charlie Schneider
Good Job, bonus points for the great graphics. You should make that your forum signature for a little while.

Bombardem wrote

Joker wrote
PETE – “Green lantern war thing was stupid!”
JUSTIN – “No! It Rocked! You Suck, You and your Punisher!”
ALEX – “I agree with both you!”

KindaCaitlin wrote
Pete: Alex! Shoot him with your laser vision! I’m the realy Pete!!

Justin: Don’t listen to him alex, for I’M the real Pete (?)

Alex: I…don’t… know… who I should kill!!?

James DeAngelis wrote
Justin: Christian Bale rocks!
Pete: No! George Clooney will always be Batman!

AndySc8s24 wrote
What actually happens during the break.

Charlie Schneider wrote
What happens in the break stays in the break.

Bombardem wrote
We could always take it in this direction

imaginary dave wrote
alex: if i only had the power to spread the word of love.

man that looks weak written down.

AndySc8s24 wrote
On the set of “Who Wants to eat a Comic Book!!!”

Steven J. Vasquez wrote
Alex: First rule of The Stack:
NEVER TALK ABOUT THE STACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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The purple pin-stripe suit still stands out clearly in my head. That and the accent. I knew that we’d get to meet Grant Morrison, but thanks to a double booking our group (Pete LePage, John Suintres, Me, Scott Moschella, Jeaux Jeavanosky, Manny Mederos, and Steve Nelson) got to do his interview. I’m glad I didn’t have to wrestle with Pete and John over the rights to actually interview him. Just kidding, there was no wrestling. John did the interview and Grant didn’t hold anything back. Here’s a man who by his own admission has taken his life experiences to the limit of what most people would consider reasonable.

For example, the drugs, the alternative lifestyle experimentation, and who knows what other things he’s tried. But it’s all helped him to become one of the best writers of the 20th century (Animal Man, Arkham Asylum, The Invisibles). Let’s just call him a method actor. I wonder which of Batman’s adventures he’s experienced in real life. He actually said that nobody would believe him if he wrote a memoir, “It’s all to crazy to believe, fiction is more believable.”

Nonetheless I was blown away. I spent the whole interview listening with glazed eyes and my finger smacking the caputure button on my camera. I was just dissapointed we didn’t get to spend more time with him. He came back up to our loft at the Javits Center several times throughout the con, but only to relax or sign more comics for DC and Dan DiDio. I’m sure they were doing some promotional events with Final Crisis and Morrison’s Batman R.I.P. around the corner.

Be sure to visit our Pulp Secret Flickr Site to catch some more Grant Morrison action. Our video of the interview also turned out great. I’ve probably watched it 10 times since we posted it.



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