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Lot’s of buzz around here about The Stack’s impending hiatus. I actually found out from Justin one of our hosts. The guys will continue to do the show on their own, they just won’t be doing it for Pulp Secret or Next New Networks for the forseeable future. There are good chances as with many good performers that the guys will return to NNN broadcasting in a different show format, but it will be months before anything gets done (if ever). It’s been a lot of fun working with them on the show, but there’s still Comic Book Club Live! at the PIT (People’s Improv Theater) and their Youtube Channel.

In the meantime I’ll still be spinning out our SDCC footage on a regular basis to fill the void.


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Pictures of the latest Comic Book Club are available on our Pulp Secret flickr account. This week featured guests Chris Giarrusso (Mini Marvels) and Nate Cosby (Marvel Comics Editor). You may remember Nate Cosby from one of our New York Comic Con episodes of The Stack (you may also recognize frequent Comic Book Club visitor Jordan D. White!).

Enjoy the pictures!

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Yep the day finally came when we’d have to pack our shit up and go back to work (real work). Sunday was still really busy. Pete actually got his second wind in, and while Alex and Justin were off doing something else we got an extra 4 interviews in the space of and hour. To be fair we were all delirious.

Ask Alex his Colleen Coover “Small Favors” story. Hilarious. And caught on film by me. Which will also hit my Youtube page eventually.

We spoke to Sanford Greene the artist behind the Method Man comic book that did gangbusters traffic on our Pulp Secret Youtube page. I didn’t know rapper-originated comic books were so sought after. I guess even the gangsters need sequential art.

I have to fly back, so look for our interviews in the coming weeks. I’ll be the one editing the hours and hours of footage. So no complaints if it takes a while to air.

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Since there’s so much happening so fast I tried to include some pics throughout the day. Here’s the rundown (of the pics):

1. Greatest America Hero Panel – Moderated by us (not me, I filmed it), but moderated by The Stack guys Alex, Justin, and Pete
2. The Greatest American Interviews – after the panel. Turns out William Katt is a huge fan of our show!
3. Tony Lee (I messed his name up on our flickr account and he rebuked me (sorry, he’s awesome and a guest of Comic Book Club).
4. The walk from the hotel to the convention center along the bay.
5. Walking through the Green Lantern district to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund charity and after party.
6-8. At the party (on the Plaza roof).

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I made it to San Diego early this afternoon on some obscure airline that didn’t allow e-ticketing. As a result I almost never got my tickets in the mail due to some unfortunate circumstances in my buildings policies on package delivery and pick-up. None the worse for wear I made it to the Hyatt, or as it’s known at SDCC, “the place where all the after-parties are”. Note to self: remember human beings need sleep to live.

Since the rest of the guys aren’t arriving till tomorrow I picked up my registration and checked out the show floor. Tonight was preview night for press and special guests, so most of the floor was crowded with reporters and camera crews interviewing celebrities before the rest of the masses flooded in tomorrow. I managed to grab plenty of great pictures and good video b-roll for later use in churning out episodes. I’m known as an episode machine around the offices these days.

No after parties tonight, I need to rest up for tomorrow and the first official day of the festivities.

Pics: Welcome to San Diego Comic Con 2008, a view from the hotel room, replicas and busts, creature creation, awesomely sinister Dexter promo banners, and more replicas.

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Congratulations to Leah, the winner of our Persepolis Contest. Pulp Secret’s own Jeaux Janovsky has been hard at work assembling all the prize swag. Seriously, you wouldn’t believe the favors he had to perform to get some of this stuff…Recognize the NBot? You should, it’s an original piece of artwork by Jeaux. Thanks to everyone who participated. Remember you can’t win if you don’t play!

Pics: Leah’s hard-won Pulp Secret swag.

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It dawned on me. Indy Mogul built a Hellboy Prop., Pulp Secret did an exclusive Hellboy 2 movie review. Why not mash-them both up in a blog post or two? Why didn’t I do this for the Hulk episodes (the Indy Mogul guys built a “pink” Hulk suit. At least now I’m fully aware and will mash just as well next week when the BFX crew do “something secret” associated with The Dark Knight movie.

Also, we purchased a block of tickets for the office to go see Batman in IMAX over at AMC in Lincoln Center. Monday the 21st at 2PM. Be there or be square. Of course there are a few nay sayers (Scott/Andres). But we’ve got a good crowd none-the-less. I’ll try and get as many good pictures of the fun before my camera gear is confiscated or smashed by the fake Hulk statue in the movie theater. I did an IMAX test run today after work. I went to see Kung Fu Panda in IMAX (at Lincoln Center). I have to say it was cool, but the theater doesn’t have too many seats, so I’m sure we’ll have to go well in advance. Our office is downtown on Park Avenue, so it’s clear across town. I smell a field trip! Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Indiana Jones special screening that the office did (for reasons beyond my control). That led to the “email list” crusade (also known as operation list join). You can guess the plot.

See you at The Dark Knight in a few weeks!

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