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Our own Jeaux Janovsky has recently been asked to submit a custom Barack Obama doll for a Toy Tokyo art show called Art + Action=Obama. Here’s the bulletin:

ART + ACTION = OBAMA 08, presented by Jailbreak Toys, is coming up on October 17th in New York City. ART + ACTION is an exhibition of custom Obama Action Figures by contemporary artists, graf writers, and toymakers. Visionary pieces by Mars-1 and Jason Alberto Garcia, edgy versions by Damion Silver and David Choong Lee, as well as completely reconstructed custom toys by Brin Berliner, kaNO, and so many more will line the walls of The Showroom NYC at Toy Tokyo. Ron English will be there signing his Abraham Obama posters. There will also be signed Obama posters for sale by legendary Obey-creator, Shepherd Fairey.

Brooklyn-based funk archivalists Truth And Soul will heat the place up with fat, juicy grooves. Singha Beer will cool the place down with Thai-style pilsner. This event will be fresh, funky, thought-provoking, inspirational and one-of-a-kind. Be there.

On a lighter note Erik recently finished his bigfoot feet for his most recent project. He clomped around the office to show them off.

Pics: Jeauxbama ’08, Amber and Jeaux pose with his Obama doll submission, Amber blesses the doll with a kiss (thus imbuing it with special powers, and Erik’s new stompers.


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Now that the fall has rolled around things are once again crazy in the office. Barely Political is churning out fast and funny videos like a machine, Erik and the Indy Mogul guys are hard at work for season 2 of Back Yard Effects (BFX), and we even have a new style and living show with outside talent that according to Lindsey “have a lot of internet society clout” Please note that that’s not actually what she said, but it’s how I remember it.

Here’s some of the latest from Indy Mogul and Barely Political:

Indy Mogul: Gatling Gun Arm Test Film

Barely Political: Don’t Cry For Me Alaska (Starring Me!)


Pics: Another Birthday Round Up, Pooch Barks for A Better Contract, and Jared Does His Best Dragon Ball Z Impression.

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Turns out today is Barack Obama’s Birthday. To honor Amber’s namesake, we at Barely Political did a birthday Amber-chat. This is were fans of Amber or Obama-Girl can ask her or any of us questions.

Some of the good ones:

1. How does Obama keep his hair so silky smooth? – That must have been Adam Sandler in disguise.

2. Can I have some of that cake you made? – Politics always make people hungry

3. Who the hell is computer guy and why is he answering all Amber’s questions? – We got a lot of Computer guy comments. Either Ben (Relles) or Mark (Douglas) sat in the middle and used the PC to get questions. They were both affectionately referred to as “Computer Guy” maybe when they’re more popular fans will give them proper names.

Pics: Happy Birthday Obama, Studio Chat Setup (Live Feed), everybody preps, Devon and Kate R. monitor the live feed, and Obama Girl Chat in Progress (quiet on the set).

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Recently Barely Political was on TV again due to our recent Campaign Girl Olympics videos. It was a lot of fun working on them. Personally I help shoot B-Roll and did a little background acting (a referee in all situations if I recall correctly). I didn’t know any footage of me was in the MSNBC clip until I watched it all the way through. Pretty cool huh?

Now I just need to make network TV and my life will be complete.

Pics: Rusty and Mike Birch (Hillary Man) do some reporting on the games.

Here’s the MSNBC video, look for me:

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Crazy day in the office. Usually it’s not too busy mid-day, but today there were a few news crews in to interview the Barely Political people like Rusty, Amber, and Ben. That was in-between their shooting times for their episode this week and all the extra video they were shooting for it. Naturally I offered up my services to help out. I try to work on as many of the shows as is humanly possible with my current schedule. So most of the time I’m working on Pulpsecret or Barely Political. I’ll probably do more once the summer hits and school eases up.

Note to self: Don’t take more than one or two classes.

I did take a lot at the Columbia summer course offerings, it looks like most of the classes are offered in the middle of the day, one day a week, for several hours a session. I don’t really mind long classes, but it would be nice if they didn’t fall right in the middle of the day. When people are trying to work.

My duties at work today mostly centered around keeping up with the news feed on pulpsecret, scheduling time to edit one of our longer videos, and running around Times Square looking for trashy clothing for Amber to wear (Obama-girl). You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find trashy American flag apparel in Times Square. There’s plenty of I ‘heart’ NY trashy apparel for those on the lookout though. Check the Barely Political website in the next week or two and the videos from today will probably be done.

Pics: Alan sets up a webcam for a Barely Political video, Changing room or conference room you decide, Ben gets worked over by another news crew, Rusty gets his turn, the guys watch Jared direct Steve across the room, Steve buddies up with his new friend (the robot from Short Circuit).

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