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Loud crashes shook everyone from their desks this morning. Well, louder than normal. There’s always some construction going on down on the street, but today pieces of our building actually fell off and tumbled to the street below. Thankfully there was some scaffolding to catch most of the masonry that fell, but I think there was a cab that got totalled by a few bricks.

Then there was our company cruise around the island. I’m not sure what our actual route was, but we all had a good time. Some of course had a much much better time than others (it was open bar). A lot of people brought their family members or girl/boyfriends, so it got pretty crowded. The crowds thinned out once the girls started dancing to the DJ music, most of the guys restrained themselves from acting the fool, but a few were lost to the shame that is the electric slide. Just another reason why I don’t dance.

Up next is a Halloween party for Robyn and Corinne of Threadbanger. This will be a land-based treat party, and should go a long way in getting their brand name out in the public eye.


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