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I nabbed a few photos of the Hellboy gun aka The Good Samaritan that Erik has been working on for Back Yard Effects. Here’s the actual episode, it’s really good.

Pics: Dan and crew work on our super-secret new project in Frederator Studios, and everybody takes a turn playing with The Good Samaritan.


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It was cake day in the office. That is another collective birthday for all the June birthdays in the office (four in this case). Donna who heads up our financial accounting department on the corporate team, Todd from Frederator Studios downstairs (where my desk now resides), Marco of Tumblr (also desking downstairs with the Tumblr team), and Scott from Veoh (who share upstairs space with us). Mary usually gets some chocolate-based treats, and in today’s case it was a cake. We’ve done cupcakes and ice cream cake in the past.

Pics: Birthday in the office, better grab a piece of cake before it’s gone.

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You may notice the awesomeness of the new banner shown above the blog. It’s a combination of a couple of pictures taken at my parent’s house (where I lived in the time before times). The chocolate stain is my puppy Clark Kent and the yellow stink-bot is Arthur our family dog (he’s a couple of years older than Clark, and considerably larger). I forgot what a whiz I’ve become at Photoshop in the last month or two and figured if I change my desktop picture frequently I might as well update my blog banner. I like the use of the dogs, so they’ll probably stay as picture elements, but the background will change…eventually.

An interesting Easter egg for any work people who catch this post. That is the house that Lindsey and my brother are stay at. The picture is taken facing away from the front of the house of course, but future background layers will probably show the house…eventually.

Pics: Chocolate Stain and The Yellow Stink-bot, large and in charge (literally).

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It’s Friday, and that means a couple of things. 1) I need to remeber to wear pants to work, 2) I need to stop wearing two belts, 3)It’s Roy’s last day in the office (and that means free food and treats, and 4) I’m heading to Jersey to visit my cousins (with my brother and Lindsey). Also on the list was a Hulk viewing (which has now been pushed to Sunday).

Sadly, as I mentioned Roy is leaving the office. He’s been an important part of Next New’s growing distrubtion. According to Roy, he began working solely on the car companies, then expanded our distribution to many other companies including: comcast, blinkx, SpeedTV, UGO, 5min, Friction TV, MeFeedia.com, Vidshadow.tv, Advance/Newhouse, cleveland.com, nj.com, mlive.com (michigan), nola.com (new orleans), oregonlive.com Kargo-veracifier on verizon mobile, Adobe Media Player, Divx Connect, Collarity Search, Dailycarclips.com, ZigZag Media, TopRedline.com, Dpccars.com, gtchannel.com, egmcartech.com, Thumbplay, as well as Examiner local newspaper sites Cardomain & Imeem.

He will be missed. For those who don’t know he’s quite the joker.

Recently I’ve been working though Farscape Season 1 DVD. I only caught a few episodes during it’s original TV run on the Sci-Fi channel. I almost forgot it was a product of the Jim Henson Company. It’s really dark, and definitely not part of happy muppet territory. Some notable facts include the two cast-mates Ben Browder and Claudia Black became cast-mates again on Stargate SG-1. I’ve got the entire Farscape run, including the Peacekeeper Wars videos, so I should have plenty to watch for the next week.

I’ll post my reviews of the seasons as I finish them.

Pics: Roy says goodbye with cupcakes and Farscape.

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Marvel is now publishing viral videos to popularize their characters in new ways. With the success of Iron Man and the great buzz going around about the Incredible Hulk, it looks like the campaign is working so far. The videos are being produced by the same studio that brought you Marvel Ultimate Alliance Blur Studio.

Here’s the latest video:

Superman may no longer need Earth’s Yellow Sun to heal those accursed magical lightning bolt wounds. New studies show that vitamins can help correct genetic defects on the cellular level. Specifically certian vitamins like folate have been found to correct mutations to enzymes involved in DNA synthesis. These studies are being done under the general research umbrella of Nutrigenomics (the study of molecular relationships between nutrition and the response of genes). One possible benefit, other than Superman-like regenerative powers, is the creation of genetically tailored vitamin supplements.

Imagine getting unique vitamins tailored to your specific genome. Superman’s vitamin would obviously have some sort of corrective meausure for his unfortunate weakness to magical lightning bolts (Cursed Kryptonian mutant DNA!).

Research is proceeding to human trials. Anybody want to earn a few extra bucks?

Want more info about genetic tailoring of pharmecutials, check out this NY Times article on Tailoring Drugs to Fit Genes

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Lot’s of great things going on in the office this week. Video videos videos everywhere. I can’t say much about them, but make sure to check our websites often in the next few weeks to catch them all. We’ve been doing a little Indiana Jones at Indy Mogul, a whole lot of big Summer events at Pulpsecret, and a whole lot of funny videos at Barely Political. Special head nods to Tom, Rusty, and Ben for putting together the “Stimulus Package” episode that was recently released. I just got word that it hit Yahoo’s frontpage and will probably go on to set another record for total views on youtube.

One of my recent missions at Pulpsecret has been to track down movie studio PR departments to coordinate publicity with all of us at Pulpsecret. The “Next”work has great working relationships with Paramount and Lionsgate already, which is great because Paramount in particular has a large number of Summer blockbusters being released soon.

Pics: Scott helps Andres with his “boob job”, Alan has some fun behind the camera, and the guys joke it up for the Friday show.

To get you started on the weekend here’s today’s Episode of The Stack, enjoy:

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