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It was Marc’s last day in the office. His wife has secured a great promotion with another company out in California (she’s also in IT), and Marc like the great guy he is has agreed to move his home base or “death star” (it’s not fully functional yet) to SoCal.

In honor of his imminent departure he was the butt of cruel jokes and humiliating rubber band pelting. Carrie and I both caught some of it on film, so enjoy the footage!


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It was cake day in the office. That is another collective birthday for all the June birthdays in the office (four in this case). Donna who heads up our financial accounting department on the corporate team, Todd from Frederator Studios downstairs (where my desk now resides), Marco of Tumblr (also desking downstairs with the Tumblr team), and Scott from Veoh (who share upstairs space with us). Mary usually gets some chocolate-based treats, and in today’s case it was a cake. We’ve done cupcakes and ice cream cake in the past.

Pics: Birthday in the office, better grab a piece of cake before it’s gone.

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I decided that crazy titles had been done enough, so it’s back to regular ones for a while. I’m not sure I like the way they stack in the previous posts list. Then again, no blogging tool is created perfect. So I’ll just have to suffer until I can find a better one.

Speaking of which, Lindsey tried to suggest Tumblr to me. Almost everyone in the office uses Tumblr to one degree or another. The Tumblr guys are all friends of ours, and they share a corner of our office (so now you understand why everyone in the office uses it). According to everyone it’s a “lightweight” blogging tool. In my mind and after seeing everyone’s blogs I’m not wholly conviced that it’s the best tool for my blog. It’s really easy to use if you want to micro-post or Twitter out some info. like posting a picture or a song or a video. But it isn’t really designed for the long-form posting that I like to do. After all, it’s my blog and I’ll rant if I want to. That’s the whole idea isn’t it.

Seeing as Tumblr is billed as a light-weight tool, I don’t see their posting structure changing any time soon. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to blog, but doesn’t want to blog. Get it? ha, ha.

More on Tumblr. Justin and Erik did a Tumblr video with some guy recently. Yes, I forgot his name (sorry about that). It’s a mock-u-mentary on Tumblr.


The Truth About Tumblr

tumblr. – The Documentary from DaveAOK on Vimeo.

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It was Cupcake day in the office today. We celebrated Steve’s birthday as well as a farewell for the interns downstairs in the Frederator Studios. Don’t ask me where Mary got the cupcakes from, but they looked expensive…and delicious. It was good eating all day long. Scott from my team claimed he still owed me a lunch from the previous day’s shoot, but since I had to run to class I was on my own.

He quickly handed me all the cash in his pocket ($10 in 1s), and proceded to leave a Scott-shaped hole in the front door. Something about being late to a lunch meeting with Vanessa from Indy Mogul and Threadbanger. I of course was not one to pass up the offer of a free (so to speak) meal. On a recommendation I checked out Chef 24 for some heavy Chinese take-out. Hey Friday’s are for celebrating. I made it back to the office just in time for mass distribution of the custom-made cupcackes. Very delicious.

Pics: Happy birthday Steve and we’ll miss you interns.

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Wow what a day. I started off by web-slinging my way downtown to the corporate offices of the new company I’m going to be working for. I got in early to take the customary tour of the production facilities, watch one of the shows get taped for live feed, and generally roam around most of the people I’d be working around on a daily basis.

Tomorrow is actually my first real day of doing anything. I’ll be signing all kinds of hardcore confidentiality agreements (it is a television network and creative content generating enterprise, so that’s nothing unusual). But, I’ll also get all the cool stuff and great toys that come with working on one of the shows. The team I’ll be working with produces a show called Pulp Secret.


I’ll be doing anything and everything ranging from generating new content for the show and the website, helping with episode filming and practical production, getting thrown out of buildings trying to get rare interviews, and anything else that can be done in the course of a day. I’m really pumped because now I get to do all the things I do in my free time.

Some really cool things I noticed while I was in the office:

All the shows are filmed with state-of-the-art HD equipment

All of the content and work is generated using Macs. No PCs here.

Everybody is generating content that is seen by tens of millions of people a week and they all really love doing what they do.

I’ll comment on that last point of interest. It’s one thing to do something that will reach people. It’s an entirely cooler thing to do something that will reach countless millions of people on a regular basis. Oh, yeah I definitely be bringing my “A” game.

I only wish that I had some of my own HD A/V equipment here at home, It’s a whole lot of fun to play with. Note to self: work on voice before attempting any “in front of camera” work.

Pics: No pics today, check back tomorrow.

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