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No pretty ladies in bikinis today, but Neil Gaiman did post something interesting on his blog. It’s a series of videos that Sara Benincasa did for the CBLDF (Comic Book Legal Defense Fund). In the videos Gaiman, as well as a few other celebrities (Frank Miller, Jeff Swanson, and Bill Hader) each speak about why they support the CBLDF. Here are the videos:

Obviously everyone feels very strongly about free speech, and rightly so. I had no idea that that type of human right wasn’t available to citizens of the United Kingdom (or maybe just Great Britain?)


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After a long long night of a fruitless quarrel with eBay customer service I passed out in disgust. How hard is it to explain that you are who you say you are? It’s all about identity and protection. On one end you have the large corporation not listening to the human being, and on the other hand you have the human being not listening to the corporation.

Kind of like…

Marvel Civil War: Iron Man Review

This was a good one. Iron Man is the perceived enemy in the Civil War conflict. He takes up the cause of the government under pressure of losing his lucrative defense contracts that have made him so wealthy. Not that he’s greedy, but his money does support most of the major super hero teams like the Avengers. So no money, no Avengers. In the real world security costs a lot of money.

Morally ambiguous protagonists have always been fascinating. The idea of moral ambiguity allows you to idolize characters like Darth Vader or any of Frank Miller’s characters and not feel like a total jerk. And that’s who Iron Man is, the pseudo-hero who always walks the line between doing what he wants, and doing what’s right.

In Marvel’s Civil War, he’s doing just that. Walking the fine line. But like all heroes, he falls down and crosses over to the dark-side. And it costs him his oldest friend’s life. He’s then left to pick up the pieces and rebuild his confidence and moral compass. Just in time for a feature debut this spring…

Pics: Marvel Civil War: Iron Man.

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