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Way back at San Diego Comic Con I saw some promo material for a couple of comic titles based on our current presidential nominees Barack Obama and John McCain. At the time I only considered the novelty of the comics, but Alex, Justin, and Pete have reviewed them on Comic Book Club. Unfortunately the impression they give is not good. In theory the idea of a biographical comic (with an albeit hightened take on reality) sounds interesting, but at second glance makes me reach for the snooze button.

Both the comics are told from realistic perspectives, that is they don’t have fictional powers. I had suspected the rumors of John McCains sleep-beams had been exaggerated.

I will definitely be avoiding these down at Forbidden Planet. Save your money for something interesting.


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This week’s Comic Book Club featured Jon B. Cooke and Andrew Cooke. Two brothers who made the documentary film Will Eisner: Portrait of A Sequential Artist. The film is basically about Will Eisner and his life as a comic book artist.

Since Alex was still twittering his way across France on his Honeymoon with Booth Babe (now known as Mrs. Booth Babe), hosting duties fell to Justin. The energy was a little different without Alex, but Pete was more than up to the task of providing a springboard for debate with the Cookes.

I also threw the pictures up on my Pulp Secret Flickr page. You can navigate there by clicking on the flickr widget on the side bar of the blog here (to the right).


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Here’s a preview of Comic Book Club’s latest melee. We had three guests this time, so you know it was awesome.

Check it out.

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My actual recollection of Saturday is pretty fuzzy. I think I slept in till noon then sat around and watched TV on DVD for most of the day. Either way I stayed way too late at work doing actual work. I did have a beer whilst finishing my last editing project.

Actually that’s not true, I totally gave up after the progress meter on Final Cut read 1 hour…2 hours…three hours…six hours. Crap balls! That’s a clear sign to get the fuck out and go home.

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Pics of this week’s Comic Book Club have been posted. This week’s show featured DC Trade Paperback and Collected Editions Editor Bob Joy and Comedian/Writer/Director Matt Donnelly of Threat (you may remember him from his previous appearance on CBC last month). Unfortunately scheduled guest Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort had to reschedule at the last minute, but he’ll be back the week of August 19th appearing with Wyatt Cenac of The Daily Show!

This week’s show was awesome. Bob talked about what it means to make “collected editions” and re-packaging old stories into new and interesting ways so that younger audiences can see them. He also teased his all-time favorite (but not yet released) trade DC Goes Ape, wherein the it’s all ape stories (like Marvel Zombies). Were you there? Did you catch his Joker “boner” story from Batman #66? It was crazy. He explained that in the 60s (when the issue appeared) a “boner” was a mistake. And the phallic images throughout the issue. The 60s were ridiculous.

Matt Donnelly talked about his new pilot for the New York Television Festival (September 12-17th). Did you know it stars our own Pete LePage (credited as “Pete”). I’m sure Pete won’t have any trouble playing himself. He does it all the time.

Be sure to check out all the pictures on our Pulp Secret Flickr page!

Here’s a preview of Matt Donnelly’s Threat:

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Yes, I finally got my new camera. And I tested it out on my cohorts at last night’s Comic Book Club w/ Brendan McGinley. I still haven’t processed the video enough yet, but I’ll have it up soon on Youtube and elsewhere. Alex started a comic book club channel on youtube, so that’s probably where it will go.

Be sure to check back regularly for all the great coverage!

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Lots to do this week, there are several videos I’m working on, including some super duper secret stuff that will be released in the coming weeks. With the next two weeks comes my busiest time during the summer. Two back-to-back weeks of multi-day all-day shoots on location. I’m in Connecticut this week and all over Manhattan, and next week I go to San Diego, California for San Diego Comic Con (that one is not a secret).

I’ll be attending with the guys from our show The Stack: Alex, Justin, and Pete. Be sure to check back in the next couple of weeks to see all the coverage of it we’re doing.

Can’t talk now, gotta finish up some work.

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