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I thought I’d let anyone who reads or accidently stumbles upon my blog that I’ve started a new one on Tumblr.


The title of today’s post is in honor of Neil Gaiman’s new two parter Batman story Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader. It’s awesome and you should all check it out. Don’t worry if you didn’t understand all the recent Grant Morrison stuff. This has nothing to do with that.

Be sure to check out my new site for all the same funny stories, videos, and general rambling that I’ve done here. I update it every day (just like here).

Thanks to blogger for getting me started. In the future I may post here on occasion, but in general everyday stuff will be on the new site.

Thanks for visiting!


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Schools out, and in honor of the beginning of a long break from independent original thought I’ve found an awesome clip. It’s 40 inspiration speeches from various movies mashed into a two minutes and 15 seconds. via Overthingkingit.com


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Since Wednesday is probably going to have me pulling my hair out while trying to finish every possible assignment I’ll post early. Here’s a cool video I saw a long time ago on Digg, then preceded to forget about. Now It’s on Youtube.

Here it is, give yourself a pat on the back if you can successfully follow the video and explain it in detail to someone else.

Imagining the 10th Dimension:

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In lieu of back posting my way through the months of October and November I’ve elected to skip over them in video game fashion. Don’t you remember when you learned about the Super Mario Brothers cheat that allowed you to skip to the final boss while only completing a fraction of the levels? I’m sure the programmers were happy that all those levels in between were deemed throwaways. What’s a thousand man hours anyway?

Just to recap the last couple of months:

October highlights: The major highlight of October was the Threadbanger Handcrafted Halloween party downtown (NYC). We all had a blast and some lucky winners even won some prizes. Plus we had Indy Mogul Steve and a great metal band play.

Lowlights: The killing of the original Burlesque party the Threadbanger wanted to throw. KIA by the powers that be.

November Highlights: Cousin Wendy’s Bat Mitzvah’s and Turkey Day of course. I’ve got the whole thing chronicled on flickr.

December: At a glance, classes will end this week (for one) and next week for the other. I’m currently on track to finish all my work for the end of the first class, so I’m free of one class after Thursday (this is me cheering).

After next week it’ll be smooth sailing and regular every-day work till Christmas. I’m not making an special gift plans as I’ve already gifted myself a ton of toys this year.

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Lots of Barely Political videos going on now that the election is looming. I’ll be sure to post pictures as the videos are released. Here’s some of the latest.

Repuglican Convention

Pics: Steve plays with Ramon’s Super 8 vintage camcorder.

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Congratulations to cousin Wendy on her upcoming batmitzvah! My young cousin has a big family month coming up, as do my aunt and uncle. Our Thanksgiving this year falls just a week after cousin W’s big celebration. Considering that, everyone has generously decided to loiter in the greater New York area and stop by the happy family’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.

Plans as of yet are known only to the party planning committee, which consists of my aunt, uncle, mom, and grandparents. As a young person my job is mainly to show up and relieve the happy hosts of their food and drink.

The last few years Mom has hosted the mid-western version of Turkey day. Unfortunately our Labs won’t be coming, as they require double beds that my aunt and uncle have already promised to human relatives. I knew I should have RSVP’d sooner!

I’m sure Mom and Dad will take home plenty of left-overs to gloss over any bad feelings Arthur and Clark have from being left behind.

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Way back at San Diego Comic Con I saw some promo material for a couple of comic titles based on our current presidential nominees Barack Obama and John McCain. At the time I only considered the novelty of the comics, but Alex, Justin, and Pete have reviewed them on Comic Book Club. Unfortunately the impression they give is not good. In theory the idea of a biographical comic (with an albeit hightened take on reality) sounds interesting, but at second glance makes me reach for the snooze button.

Both the comics are told from realistic perspectives, that is they don’t have fictional powers. I had suspected the rumors of John McCains sleep-beams had been exaggerated.

I will definitely be avoiding these down at Forbidden Planet. Save your money for something interesting.

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