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I decided that crazy titles had been done enough, so it’s back to regular ones for a while. I’m not sure I like the way they stack in the previous posts list. Then again, no blogging tool is created perfect. So I’ll just have to suffer until I can find a better one.

Speaking of which, Lindsey tried to suggest Tumblr to me. Almost everyone in the office uses Tumblr to one degree or another. The Tumblr guys are all friends of ours, and they share a corner of our office (so now you understand why everyone in the office uses it). According to everyone it’s a “lightweight” blogging tool. In my mind and after seeing everyone’s blogs I’m not wholly conviced that it’s the best tool for my blog. It’s really easy to use if you want to micro-post or Twitter out some info. like posting a picture or a song or a video. But it isn’t really designed for the long-form posting that I like to do. After all, it’s my blog and I’ll rant if I want to. That’s the whole idea isn’t it.

Seeing as Tumblr is billed as a light-weight tool, I don’t see their posting structure changing any time soon. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to blog, but doesn’t want to blog. Get it? ha, ha.

More on Tumblr. Justin and Erik did a Tumblr video with some guy recently. Yes, I forgot his name (sorry about that). It’s a mock-u-mentary on Tumblr.


The Truth About Tumblr

tumblr. – The Documentary from DaveAOK on Vimeo.


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