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Looks like Ben and Rusty set up quite an election party with Amber. Obviously the big day is November 4th. While most are given to rampant speculation, I currently am of the opinion that this horse race won’t even be close. Do I even need to say it?

So come party with us and ring in the new administration.

Tickets are $15.


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Turns out today is Barack Obama’s Birthday. To honor Amber’s namesake, we at Barely Political did a birthday Amber-chat. This is were fans of Amber or Obama-Girl can ask her or any of us questions.

Some of the good ones:

1. How does Obama keep his hair so silky smooth? – That must have been Adam Sandler in disguise.

2. Can I have some of that cake you made? – Politics always make people hungry

3. Who the hell is computer guy and why is he answering all Amber’s questions? – We got a lot of Computer guy comments. Either Ben (Relles) or Mark (Douglas) sat in the middle and used the PC to get questions. They were both affectionately referred to as “Computer Guy” maybe when they’re more popular fans will give them proper names.

Pics: Happy Birthday Obama, Studio Chat Setup (Live Feed), everybody preps, Devon and Kate R. monitor the live feed, and Obama Girl Chat in Progress (quiet on the set).

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Today was crazy. I got the chance to help out our Barely Political Show. The day was both early and long. But when you’re having a great time, the time flies by. We shot coverage all over town, check back later to see what we were up to. For now you’ll have to wait till our finished product is released on on the Barely Political website and Youtube. I’m pretty sure that there are a number of other places you can catch the footage, but if you really want to see it in it’s natural environment, go to the source.

Because Barely Political has become such a huge show, they naturally roll with a big crew. We even had people in from the San Diego office all week. I’m sure they came for other stuff too.

I was pretty surprised when I asked “you’re not busy tomorrow, want to help Ben out?” I said “sure” without even questioning what I’d be doing. It’s all because of the great work atmosphere at Next New Networks (owner of Barely Political). I get the opportunity to work on any project in any department I want (time permitting). So any time I’m not at work involved in some secret awesome production I’m doing myself a huge disservice.

Some notable thanks to be offered for Friday’s fun time project:

Scott Moschella: Turned me on to the project.

Ben Relles and crew: Let me take way too many pictures. There were a lot of other people involved throughout the day that I can’t mention yet, but were equally as awesome for their participation.

Pics: No pics, check back after the project airs on BarelyPolitical.com

Thanks again to everybody for letting me help out!

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