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Looks like Ben and Rusty set up quite an election party with Amber. Obviously the big day is November 4th. While most are given to rampant speculation, I currently am of the opinion that this horse race won’t even be close. Do I even need to say it?

So come party with us and ring in the new administration.

Tickets are $15.


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Lots of Barely Political videos going on now that the election is looming. I’ll be sure to post pictures as the videos are released. Here’s some of the latest.

Repuglican Convention

Pics: Steve plays with Ramon’s Super 8 vintage camcorder.

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Now that the fall has rolled around things are once again crazy in the office. Barely Political is churning out fast and funny videos like a machine, Erik and the Indy Mogul guys are hard at work for season 2 of Back Yard Effects (BFX), and we even have a new style and living show with outside talent that according to Lindsey “have a lot of internet society clout” Please note that that’s not actually what she said, but it’s how I remember it.

Here’s some of the latest from Indy Mogul and Barely Political:

Indy Mogul: Gatling Gun Arm Test Film

Barely Political: Don’t Cry For Me Alaska (Starring Me!)


Pics: Another Birthday Round Up, Pooch Barks for A Better Contract, and Jared Does His Best Dragon Ball Z Impression.

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Let’s set the scene. Erik’s on-again/off-again robot collaborator Steve-E6 begins to enjoy a few brewskies on the set of our latest Barely Political shoot. Being a tried-and-true American redneck, Steve-E6 naturally only drinks Budweiser (none of that “light” shit). Now Steve-E wasn’t acting in the video per-se, but he is subletting the studio from Jared and Alan, so we have to give him set access during daylight hours. I don’t think Jared or Alan have let Rita and Donna know about their financing arrangement with Steve-E, so be sure not to re-blog this somewhere they frequent. Wink Wink.

The day rolls on and Steve-E6’s afternoon quick drink during lunch turns into a bad impression of Bender B. Rodriguez of Futurama fame. Matt Groening is already on the phone with Liam about the blatant copyright infringement. Only his robots are allowed to drink alcohol in public.

So Steve’s begins to run afoul of Rusty. Who after exchanging some harsh words with Steve-E, storms off set to have a cigarette and plot Steve-E’s eventual demise. As I calmly point out to Steve-E that drinking on set is only permitted on Friday’s, I catch a stray beer can in the eye (courtesy of Steve-E). If Tom hadn’t of had his HVX set up, the whole six-pack would have surely dropped me like a sack of potatoes.

…now cut to the Robot Burn ward of the NYU hospital where Steve-E is receiving care for his unfortunate encounter with a lighted gas oven. In all fairness the oven came on to him, (according to Steve-E).

So the next time you have a beer, sing a salute to our beloved Steve-E6.

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Since I doing retroactive posts for the last two weeks there’s no conflict of interest with me talking about our last Barely Political shoot.

Enter: Rusty Calls. He’s happy (that’s a good thing). He says Mark wrote a part for me in his latest video. His words, “Mark thinks you’d be perfect for the position of “Guy”. I was honored and excited to see what Mark had in store for me.

Enter Shoot: I’m covered in soot with a jacket that Mark personally beat the crap out of in the dirt at the construction site across the street. Ask him what the workers said when they saw him beating the jacket in the dust. Lol.

The video has just posted as of today’s actual date, but you get to see it through the time capsule of my blog. Enjoy!

Inappropriate Reporter

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Turns out today is Barack Obama’s Birthday. To honor Amber’s namesake, we at Barely Political did a birthday Amber-chat. This is were fans of Amber or Obama-Girl can ask her or any of us questions.

Some of the good ones:

1. How does Obama keep his hair so silky smooth? – That must have been Adam Sandler in disguise.

2. Can I have some of that cake you made? – Politics always make people hungry

3. Who the hell is computer guy and why is he answering all Amber’s questions? – We got a lot of Computer guy comments. Either Ben (Relles) or Mark (Douglas) sat in the middle and used the PC to get questions. They were both affectionately referred to as “Computer Guy” maybe when they’re more popular fans will give them proper names.

Pics: Happy Birthday Obama, Studio Chat Setup (Live Feed), everybody preps, Devon and Kate R. monitor the live feed, and Obama Girl Chat in Progress (quiet on the set).

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Recently Barely Political was on TV again due to our recent Campaign Girl Olympics videos. It was a lot of fun working on them. Personally I help shoot B-Roll and did a little background acting (a referee in all situations if I recall correctly). I didn’t know any footage of me was in the MSNBC clip until I watched it all the way through. Pretty cool huh?

Now I just need to make network TV and my life will be complete.

Pics: Rusty and Mike Birch (Hillary Man) do some reporting on the games.

Here’s the MSNBC video, look for me:

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