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Looks like Ben and Rusty set up quite an election party with Amber. Obviously the big day is November 4th. While most are given to rampant speculation, I currently am of the opinion that this horse race won’t even be close. Do I even need to say it?

So come party with us and ring in the new administration.

Tickets are $15.


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Our own Jeaux Janovsky has recently been asked to submit a custom Barack Obama doll for a Toy Tokyo art show called Art + Action=Obama. Here’s the bulletin:

ART + ACTION = OBAMA 08, presented by Jailbreak Toys, is coming up on October 17th in New York City. ART + ACTION is an exhibition of custom Obama Action Figures by contemporary artists, graf writers, and toymakers. Visionary pieces by Mars-1 and Jason Alberto Garcia, edgy versions by Damion Silver and David Choong Lee, as well as completely reconstructed custom toys by Brin Berliner, kaNO, and so many more will line the walls of The Showroom NYC at Toy Tokyo. Ron English will be there signing his Abraham Obama posters. There will also be signed Obama posters for sale by legendary Obey-creator, Shepherd Fairey.

Brooklyn-based funk archivalists Truth And Soul will heat the place up with fat, juicy grooves. Singha Beer will cool the place down with Thai-style pilsner. This event will be fresh, funky, thought-provoking, inspirational and one-of-a-kind. Be there.

On a lighter note Erik recently finished his bigfoot feet for his most recent project. He clomped around the office to show them off.

Pics: Jeauxbama ’08, Amber and Jeaux pose with his Obama doll submission, Amber blesses the doll with a kiss (thus imbuing it with special powers, and Erik’s new stompers.

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Way back at San Diego Comic Con I saw some promo material for a couple of comic titles based on our current presidential nominees Barack Obama and John McCain. At the time I only considered the novelty of the comics, but Alex, Justin, and Pete have reviewed them on Comic Book Club. Unfortunately the impression they give is not good. In theory the idea of a biographical comic (with an albeit hightened take on reality) sounds interesting, but at second glance makes me reach for the snooze button.

Both the comics are told from realistic perspectives, that is they don’t have fictional powers. I had suspected the rumors of John McCains sleep-beams had been exaggerated.

I will definitely be avoiding these down at Forbidden Planet. Save your money for something interesting.

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Turns out today is Barack Obama’s Birthday. To honor Amber’s namesake, we at Barely Political did a birthday Amber-chat. This is were fans of Amber or Obama-Girl can ask her or any of us questions.

Some of the good ones:

1. How does Obama keep his hair so silky smooth? – That must have been Adam Sandler in disguise.

2. Can I have some of that cake you made? – Politics always make people hungry

3. Who the hell is computer guy and why is he answering all Amber’s questions? – We got a lot of Computer guy comments. Either Ben (Relles) or Mark (Douglas) sat in the middle and used the PC to get questions. They were both affectionately referred to as “Computer Guy” maybe when they’re more popular fans will give them proper names.

Pics: Happy Birthday Obama, Studio Chat Setup (Live Feed), everybody preps, Devon and Kate R. monitor the live feed, and Obama Girl Chat in Progress (quiet on the set).

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